• New Pond and Wetland - Edenglen

    Our recent completion of a large pond and wetland. The wetland consists of 3 sections over flowing and under flowing to filter the water. It consists of 15 cubes stone and 150x plants.

    There is a 90watt pump in the main wetland to circulate and filter water. The secondary pump extracts water from the main pond and main pond wetland for further filtration. From here the water is pumped back up to the main wetland flowing back down via the river section.

  • Koi Pond - Waterfall Estate

    We recently completed a new pond in the prestigious Waterfall Estate. The pond was finished off with black marbelite, and with water volume of 20 000 litres.

    About 20 medium koi can be added to the pond once water has circulated for the 7-10 days minimum to ensure toxins are out, with a few goldfish.

  • Pond Food Regulation for Koi Fish

    The amount of food Koi eat is very important, and depends heavily on the temperature of your pond.

    As no two seasons are the same, the safest way to regulate pond food is to use a thermometer to measure temperature, and then feed accordingly.

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